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Calculators, digital tools, for numerous applications, for private, business and school use. This is the English language version of the German Rechneronline. Rechner translates as calculators. Not every German page is translated, but most of them. Not all calculators are listed here, some topics contain much more.

Online calculators for: Maths | Physics & Chemistry | Economy | Time & Date | Household | Health & Body | Technics & IT | Cars & Traffic | Geography | Art


Geometrical shapes Calculations of Geometrical Figures and Solids
Calculating with two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometric shapes.
Overview of geometric shapes , Circle, Triangle, Quadrilateral, Pentagon, Sphere, Dodecahedron ...
Function graphs plot Function Graphs
Plot graphs of math functions.
Mobile Version, Instructions, Download
Linear algebra calculator Linear Algebra
Matrix calculator for linear equations and for vectors in space.
Matrices, Determinants, Equation Systems, Vektors
Golden ratio calculator Golden Ratio
Calculates the lengths for the golden ratio.
Silver Ratio, Plastic Number, Square Root of Two
Statistics calculator Statistics Calculator
Produces statistics on a data set.
Formulas from combinatorics like Binomial Coefficient can be calculated.
Factorials, Repetition, Subfactorial
Digit sum calculator Digit Sum
Finds the cross sum and iterated cross sum from one or more numbers or a whole text.
Base-k Digit Sum, Weighted Digit Sum, Digit Product
Data set Data Set Calculator
Calculations with a data set of numbers: basic arithmetic operations, powers, logarithms, trigonometric functions.
Number Sieve
Random numbers calculator Random Numbers
Generates random numbers, evenly distributed, left-hand part, right-hand part or distributed bell-shaped.
Random Subset
Slope calculator Calculate the Slope
Calculates the gradient in degrees and percent, as well as the distances in length and height and the total distance.

Prime factors Prime Factor Calculation
Find the prime factors of an integer.
Find Numbers with Common Divisors
Angle plotter and calculator Draw Angles
Drawing program for angles of certain sizes. Calculator for:
Angle of Incidence and of Reflection, Convert Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, Decimal Degrees, Percent - Degrees, Calculate with Angles, Angular Ratio, Leg Distance, Circular Angles, Solid Angles
Logarithm Calculate Logarithm
The logarithm of a value on any base can be calculated.
Ratio of two Logarithms, Doubling
Pythagorean theorem Pythagoras Calculator
Make calculations in the right triangle.
Pythagorean Theorem, Pythagorean Theorem Formulas
Create number list Number List Generator
Create a list of numbers with any start and end value and increment.
Sum and product Sum und Product
Calculate sum Σ and product Π with start and end value.
Double Sum, Series, Sequence, Iteration, Recursion, Continued Fraction
Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
Derivative and Integral of Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions.

Dimensions calculator Dimensions: Ratios
Calculator for ratios for sizes with multiple dimensions: area (2D), space (3D) and fractals.
Multiple Area and Volume, Area, Volume, Parts from Cutting, Rectangular Stack, Margin, Inside and Outside, Divergence
Foldes rectangle Fold a Rectangle
Calculate and draw the folding of a rectangle.
Wrapping Paper
Straight lines Draw and Calculate a Straight Line
Calculator for the angle of inclination of a straight line and the intersection of two straight lines. The lines will be drawn.
Intersection of two Straight Lines, Line through Two Points
Logarithmic scale Logarithmic Scale
Calculator for comparing two values, the size of which has been measured on a logarithmic scale.
Decibel, Earthquake, pH-Value, Brightness, Octave, Power of Two
Decimal places Decimal Places of Irrational Numbers
Calculation of up to 2000 decimal places of the transcendent numbers π, e, φ, irrational roots, as well as their multiples.
Calculate with Large Numbers, Exponential Function
Set theory Set Theory
A calculator for set theory. Two sets of numbers can be cut, merged, subtracted from one another, and sorted.

Contact sphere - rectangle Contact Sphere - Obstacle
Calculator for the point at which a ball on a plane touches an obstacle of a certain height.
Fill Level Circle and Sphere
Chart diagram Draw Chart Diagrams
A simple drawing program for diagrams with up to 10 values: pie chart, bar chart and column chart.

Square and circle Squaring the Circle
Calculator for the side length for a square and the radius for a circle when both have the same area.
Squaring the Ellipse, Squaring the rectangle, Squaring the Polygon, Cubing the Sphere, Cubing the Ellipsoid, Cubing the Cuboid
Correlation and significance Correlation and Significance
Calculator for the correlation coefficient for two characteristics and the significance.
Simple Linear Regression
Variance and Standard Deviation
Normal Distribution

Numerals calculator Numerals Calculator
Transfer numbers into English numerals, which are numbers written down as words, like one, two, three and much larger ones.

Rounding Rounding
Multiple methods of rounding numbers: rounding, rounding up, rounding down, round with 5, round down with 5.
Sum Conserving, Absolute Value, Signum, Reciprocal
Any Precision
Count Decimal Places

Physics & Chemistry

Math and physics Math and Physics Formulary
Collection of important formulas from the fields of mathematics and physics.
Logarithm, Binomial Theorem
Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common Divisor, Quadratic Formula
Kinetic Energy, Relativity ...

Units of measurement Convert Units of Measurement
Convert physical and technical dimensions of all kinds into one another.
Area, Energy, Scientific Calculator
Memory, Temperature, Rotation
Print Units ...

Chemistry Chemical Calculators
Various chemical calculations.
Atomic Masses, Molekular mass, pH-Delution, Ideal Gas Law, Half-life ...
Barometric calculations Air Pressure with Barometer
Convert the air pressure from different altitudes into one another, e.g. to calibrate a barometer.
Humidity, Precipitation, Dew Point, Water pressure
Astronomy Astronomy Calculator
Converts values for the stars and planets.
Electromagnetic spectrum Calculator for the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Convert wavelength, frequency and energy into each other and display them on a scale.
Black Body Radiation, Convert Mass and Energy

Angular diameter Angular Diameter
Calculate the angle of vision or the apparent size of distant objects.
Distance to the Horizon | Visual Field | Height Estimation | Shadow Length
Temperatures Multiply Temperatures
Correct calculation with Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Temperature Ratio, Weather and Climate, Global Warming by CO₂
Volume and mass percent Convert Volume Percent and Mass Percent
Calculator for converting volume percentages and mass percentages when the density of the mixed substances is known.

Doppler effect Doppler Effect
Calculation of the acoustic Doppler effect and simulation of tones, depending on the speed of the sound source and the listener.

g-Acceleration g-Acceleration
Calculation of the g-force with linear acceleration or with constant speed in a curve.
Straight Acceleration, Curve, Distance, g-Force, Fall Velocity, Uplift, Felt Weight, Orbital Speed
Material calculator Material Calculator
Calculator for estimating the volume, weight or mass, density or size of a body.
Size - Weight, Volume - Weight, Rectangular Sheet, Density of Mixed Materials, Extrapolate Mass, Displacement, Specific Volume,
Lightning Everyday Physics
Tools for specific cases of measuring and calculating.
Stone in Well, Lightning and Thunder, Echo, Distance per TimeAdd Forces, Energy, Frequency
Liter Liters in a Container
How many liters does a container of a certain size hold?
Box, Can, Bucker, Bowl, Plate, Barrel, Tank, Pool, Balloon
Water Consumption, Fill Container

Planets Distance of the Planets
Calculator for different sizes of planets, moon and sun.
Planetary Mass, Planetary Diameter, Planetary Circumference, Planetary Surface Area, Planetary Volume, Planetary Density
Solar System Model

Physical quantities Physical Quantities
Force, work and other quantities.
Force, Work, Power, Pressure, Acceleration, Momentum, Torque, Lever
Field Calculate Field
Several calculators for the shape, size and extent of a field and for various units of measurement.
Quadratic, Rectangular, Rhomboid, Hexagonal, Round, Half-Round, Arena, Volume on an Area
Size comparison Size Comparison
Compares quantities with different units and reference quantities.
Length, Velocity, Mass
Atomic Collider Atomic Collider
An online particle accelerator for simulating the collisions and decay of atomic nuclei. Simulation of fusion and different types of decay.

Snow load Snow Load
Calculates the snow load on a flat surface for different snow types.

Planck units Planck Units
Conversion of common physical units into Planck units.
Planck Length, Planck Time, Planck Mass, Planck Temperature, Planck Charge


Banking and Business Formulas for Banking and Business
Important calculations for banking calculations and business studies.
Cash Discount Rate, Return on Equity, Linear Deduction, Optimal Order Quantity ...
Percentage and interests Calculation of Percentage and Interests
Calculates percentages and interest rates.
Interest, Compound Computation of Interest, ppm, Formulas
Price table Price Table Matrix Calculator
Calculator for a price matrix for 1, 2 or 3 products.
Price per Amount, Price per Weight (Mass), Percent Table
Stocks Sustainable Stocks
A list of sustainable stocks or shares, from environment and climate friendly companies, traded at an exchange.

Ratios Ratios of a Value
Allocation evenly or with a distribution key, determination of the rest.
Percentage, Integer Division, Partition with Remainder, Weighted Distribution, Fee
Production Production - Amount and Time
Calculates the number of items produced in a period from one or more regular productions.
Production Counter, Utilization

Time & Date

Calendar Calendar Calculations
Calculate different calendar dates.
Weekdays, Scheduler, Leap Years
Clock World Clock and Time Zones
The times in all countries and zones in the world.
Time Zones
True Local Time

Time Add and Subtract Time
Small calculators for adding / subtracting and multiplying / dividing times.
Multiplicate and Divide Time, Time and Date, Add Multiple Time Data, Add / Subtract Days to a Date, Ratio of two Time Values
Zodiac Zodiac Signs Calculator
This calculator determines the zodiac, the Chinese and Indian zodiac signs.

Year of birth Year of Birth
Calculate the year of birth, the exact age or the time from a certain date.
Age, Time until Birthday, Age Difference, Age Comparison, Span of Years, Century
Flight time Flight Time Calculator
Calculate the duration of a flight from take-off time, landing time and the time zones at the take-off point and landing point.
Regularity Regularity and Repetition
Many things happen several times in a certain period of time. Here it can be calculated how often these will then take place in any other period of time.
Extrapolate, Average Frequency, Occurrence of Events, Process Time, Automatic Counter
Deadline Calculate a Deadline
Calculator for the period from a date to a deadline.
Frequent Dates, Weekday calculation, Week Number, Time passed, In / before ... Weeks, In / before ... Months, Remaining Time, Compare Time Spans


Staircase Measurements of a Staircase
Calculator for dimensions, number of steps, step size, gradient ratio and angle of inclination.
Handrail, Steps, Spiral Staircase
Roof Roof Calculator
Calculates the height, length or width of a roof from the angle of inclination.
Interior Space, Roof Pitch

Paper Paper Size Calculator
Compare DIN A, B, C, D.
Paper Weight, Papier Stack Thickness, Paper Volume
Candle Candle Burn Time
Calculate how long a candle of a given size or weight can burn.
Mixed Wax Candles
Heating Heating Power
calculated from room size and insulation.
Heating Cost, Heating Oil, Infrared Heating, Underfloor Heating, Heat Pump

Health & Body

Health Health and Fitness Calculators
Calculate body mass index (BMI) and many other things about health.
Calorie Consumption, Liquid Consumption
Nutrition Values, Nutrition Table ...

Race Race Time Calculator
Calculator for times of athletic performance and the like. Distance, time and speed in different units.
Time per Distance, Pace, Run Time Comparison, Hiking Speed, Step Counter, Calories per Step / Distance, Multi-Day Tour, Remaining Time
Medicine Calculator When Will the Pack of Medication Run Out
Calculates how long a pack of medication lasts if taken regularly.
Vitamin D
Smoking Cost of Smoking
Calculator for the money you pay over time for smoking or the money you save when you quit smoking.

Technics & IT

Data transfer Data Transfer Time
over USB or internet, their speed or size.
Start and End Time, Compression, Binary Prefixes, Baud
Word analysis Word analysis
Calculates the number of words, characters, digits and single letters in a text.
Optical instruments Optical Instruments
Calcualtions at Magnifying Glass, Glasses, Microscope, Telescope, Binocular, Objective, Digital Camera, Monitor, Image S ize: focal length, magnification, exit pupil, format, resolution

Photography Photographic Exposure
Calculates the camera settings for exposure.
Exif Viewer, Photos Resolution and Ratio Conversion, Width-to-Height Ratio
Number systems Number Systems Conversion
This allows values to be converted into other number systems: binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, other base.
Wheel Wheel Revolutions and Distance
Calculator for the number of revolutions a wheel makes on a certain distance.
Pump Pump Size Calculator
Calculator for volume flow, volume, time, diameter and speed of a pump.
Delivery Height, Drain Time
Accu Accu Charge
Calculator for the speed and duration of a battery charge.
Electric Charge Units, Charge Cost, Solar Charging
Photovoltaics Photovoltaics - Calculate Power and Surface Area
Output per area and area per output of a photovoltaic system and solar modules.
Modules per Area, Power and Energy, Revenue Units, Costs and Yield, Amortization Time, Yield per Time
Wind turbine Wind Turbine Power
Calculates the performance of a wind turbine.
Nominal Power Wind Turbine, Wind Turbine Yield, Wind Turbine Rotation, Wind Turbine Magnitude
Hydropower Hydropower Turbine Calculator
Calculates the performance of a hydropower plant.
Reservoir Power Station Energy
Energy Energy
Various calculations for the generation, storage and conversion of energy.
Units, Fuel Cell, Power-to-Gas, Heat, Solar constant, Efficiency Factors
Letter value Letter Value Calculator
Assigns values to letters of text or a string and calculates the sum.
Hashes Calculate Hashes
Calculator for hashes with the functions:
SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, SHA-3
Colors Color Mixer
Mix a color from red, green and blue parts.

Cars & Traffic

Speeding fine Speeding Fines in Germany
Find out the penalty for driving too fast.
Over speeding Car, Truck
Arrival Arrival Time
Calculator for the arrival time and duration of a trip from the start time, route and average speed.
Departure Time, Average Speed
E-Bike E-Bike
Several calculators for electric bikes.
Battery, Range, Uphill, Charging Time
Ship Knot - Nautical Mile - Calculator for Ships
Calculator for speed in knots and distance in nautical miles in shipping.
Emission CO2 Emission
The carbon dioxide emissions of a car for a certain distance and per kilometer can be calculated here.
CO2 Emissions of an Airplane, CO2 Price, CO2 Removal of Trees


Geo-coordinates Geo-coordinates
Conversion of different formats of geo-coordinates, e.g. from GPS devices.
Seconds, Decimal Degrees, Decimal Minutes
Mean Value, Batch Processing, Directions, Highest Solar Altitude

Map Map Scale Calculator
Calculate with scales of a map.
Map Size on a Monitor,
Scale Comparison, Model, Length per Pixel, Pixel Size, Pixel Ruler

Earth Earth Radius
Calculate the radius and diameter of the earth by latitude.
Distance to Equator, to North and South Pole, Earth's Curvature
Position Random Position
Random location on earth, display with Google Maps.

Sun Sun Position
Calculator for the position of the sun from the location, date and time.


Note Note Calculator
Calculates note frequencies when you click on a keyboard and generates corresponding sine tones.

Music Music Calculators
Several auxiliary calculators for notes and tones.
Tuning, Note Length, Intervals, Note Ratio, Frequency of a String
Color Color Calculator
Calculates the values for colors. With color palette and converter.
Mix Colors, Complementary Color, Gray Tone
Tessellation Square Tessellation
Creation of colored patterns from squares and determination of the material needed.

Circles Circles around a Circle
Calculates the size of a certain number of circles around a center circle and draws a sketch. Sometimes creates interference patterns.

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