Calculator Acceleration on a Straight Track

Calculation of acceleration when accelerating to a speed in a straight line of a specified length. A deceleration is a negative acceleration, this can also be calculated. Please enter two values to get the third one. In addition, the duration is calculated in seconds.
The formulas are:
acceleration = velocity² / (2*distance)
duration = √ distance / velocity

Dauer: s

Round to decimal places.

Example 1: if you accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h over a distance of 100 meters, the acceleration is 0.4 g.

Example 2: if you drive against a wall at 40 km/h and the crumple zone of the car is depressed by 50 centimetres, the braking effect is 12.6 g.

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German: Lineare g-Beschleunigung, Gerade Beschleunigung, g-Beschleunigung in einer Kurve, Strecke bei Beschleunigung, g-Kraft, Fallgeschwindigkeit, Höhe, Weite, Auftrieb, Zentrifuge, Gefühltes Gewicht, Gravitationskonstante, Orbitalgeschwindigkeit, Kosmische Geschwindigkeiten, Geostationärer Orbit