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Batch Processing Conversion of Geo Coordinates

Conversion of a large number of geo coordinates: [degrees, minutes, seconds], [decimal degrees] and [degrees, decimal minutes]. North and East values of the single coordinates are seperated by space or by comma, coordinates by line break.

Example for the coordinate formats:
Degrees, minutes, seconds (dms): N48° 8' 13.999" E11° 34' 32.12"
Decimal degrees (dd): 48.137222, 11.575589
Degrees, decimal minutes (ddm): N48° 8.23332 E11° 34.53533

The input can have up to 2500 characters, which are about 100 coordinates in decimal degrees, somewhat less in the other formats. All coordinates entered must have the same format (dms, dd or dm). Please enter or copy the coordinates into the field below and press the according button to convert them.

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the calculations and information.

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German: Umrechnung von Geo-Koordinaten, Durchschnitt, Stapelverarbeitung, Himmelsrichtungen, Höchster Sonnenstand, Position

Italian: Calcolo con geo-coordinate