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Calculate Photographic Exposure

A tool to calculate the camera settings for exposure. Enter three values, the forth will be calculated. Aperture, ISO / ASA and exposure time can be set at the camera. EV means exposure value. Different lighting conditions require different EVs, the brighter, the higher is this value. A table with conditions and their approximate EVs is below the calculator. You can enter time at h, m, s as hour, minutes, seconds and then press ← to convert into seconds.

Aperture f-number (ƒ/):
Time (s): = h m s


Lighting condition EV
Full sunlight, snow16
Full sunlight14 – 15
Thick clouds12
Sunrise / sunset12
Dusk / dawn5 – 11
Night, bright street7 – 8
Inside buildings, artificial light5 – 8
Night, near lighted buildings5
Night, distant lighted buildings2 – 3
Night, dark landscape at full moon-2
Night, dark landscape at half moon-4
Night, dark landscape at new moon-6 – -8
Night, stars-3 – -9
Night, weak celestial bodies, nebulae-10 and below

The formula for this calculation is:
EV = log2 ( 100 * aperture² / ( ISO * time ) )

Milky Way in Cygnus
Example: the Milky Way in Cygnus. F-number 3.5, ISO 400, exposure time 1176 s, calculated EV -8.6.
Large image at the Observatory Kempten.

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