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Handrail Calculator: Gap Distance

Calculates the length, rod gauge, distances and number of rods and gaps of a handrail. For security reasons, a gap a between two rods of not more than 12 centimeters is recommended. The length l is the flat inner measure of the handrail without the frame. Please enter three of the four values (m or n), l, a and d, the missing value will be calculated. If no number m or n is given, it is possible that the gap size a will be diminished to get an integer number of rods.

Number of gaps m:
Number of rods n:
Length l:
Gap a:
Rod gauge d:


n = m − 1
l = ma + nd
m = ceil[ ( l + d ) / ( a + d ) ]

Example with l=300, a=12 d=2:
A 300 centimeters (3 meters) long handrail with 2 centimeters thick rods should have 12 centimeters large gaps between the rods. Therefore 21 rods and 22 gaps are needed, the gaps then have a size of 11.7 centimeters.

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