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Calculate Time until Birthday

Calculator, how many days it is until the next or any birthday. As a reference date, the date today is preset, this can be changed. Of course, this calculator can be used not only for birthdays, but for all types of dates that fall on a specific, previously known date.

Current date: . .

Date of birth:

Until the next birthday, there are days.

Until the . birthday, there are days,
which are years or weeks or hours.

Please enter the date of birth (day and month). It will be calculated, in how many days the next birthday is. When also the year is entered and the number of a certain birthday, the time span until then is calculated, if the according birthday is in the future.

The birthday is on the same day as the day you were born, just in a different year with a higher (or equal) year number. The same day means that the earth is in about the same place on its orbit around the sun, it is in the same month and at the same time of year. Sometimes, but rarely, the time is also given as the hour and minute of birth.

The birthday determines the zodiac sign, which many people believe in. In fact, this has no relevance to the character and fate of the person concerned, except in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy, i.e. that people behave in the way that is expected of them based on such assumptions.

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