Calculate Snow Load per Area

Calculates the snow load on a flat surface. If the snow type is specified, the snow density can of course only be an approximate estimate. Enter length and width or area, snow type or density, and snow depth. When entering length and width, the area is calculated, when entering the type, the density is calculated. Press Calculate to get the result. The load on the given area, in kilograms or tons, and the load in kilograms per square meter is calculated.

Surface length: m
Surface width: m
Snow type: or snow density: kg/m³
Snow height: m
Snow load: , kg/m² kN/m²

The snow load in Germany is officially measured in kN/m², i.e. in kilonewtons per square meter. The characteristic snow load in most parts of Germany is 0.65 kN/m², at higher altitudes 0.85 kN/m² and at high altitudes 1.1 kN/m². For other countries, other rules may apply.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units.

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