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Steps of a Spiral Staircase: Calculate Angle

A simple calculator for the angle of the steps of a spiral staircase with a given amount of steps and rotation. The rotation of a spiral staircase tells, how often you make a full turn when going through the whole staircase. Often, it is a multiple of a half (0.5). If the rotation is an integer, then the direction you look at is the same on bottom and on top. If this number ends on point five, the direction you look at is the opposite. Staircase angle is the number of rotations times 360 degrees. The step angle tells, how many degrees a step is offset from another step below or above.
The levels on each floor doesn't count as steps. Please enter the number of rotations or the angle of the spiral staircase, as well as the number of steps. The step angle will be calculated.

Staircase angle: °
Number of steps:
Step angle: °

The formula for the step angle is staircase angle / (number of steps + 2)

Example: the spiral staircase in the image below has half a rotation, so the angle is 180 degrees. At 10 steps (the one on top doesn't count, because it is at floor level), the step angle is 15 degrees.

Spiral staircase

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