Material Calculator - Volume and Weight Conversion

A calculator for estimating volume, density or size of a body. Pure substances have a certain density, most familiar is the density of water with one gram per cubic centimeter or one kilogram per liter. Enter at volume, density and size two of the three values and click Calculate.

Weight (mass):

Example: 3 cubic meters of rock (average rock, rock has a large weight span) have a weight of about 7.5 tons.

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German: Größe und Gewicht, Volumen und Gewicht, Rechteckige Platte, Rohr, Wärmeausdehnung, Verschieden dichte Stoffe mischen, Prozentuale Mischung, Gewicht (Masse) hochrechnen, Volumen hochrechnen, Verdrängung, Spezifisches Volumen, Spezifischer Widerstand, Fluss, Albedo