Hiking Speed Calculator

A tool to determine the estimated time for a hike and the average hiking speed. The specifications for Personal Performance are for normally trained adults. Experienced and fit hikers can have higher values. Adjust the values according to your own rating. With groups, the values of the weakest member apply.
Then fill out Hiking Data. Altitude difference ascent or descent can be omitted for hikes in the lowland. Horizontal distance is the length of the hike without any altitude difference. For resting, 5 minutes per hour are estimated. With the terrain factor, difficult terrain can be simulated, a factor of 2 means to get on with half speed.
You can switch between meters/kilometers and feet/miles units.

Personal Performance
Altitude difference per hour ascent:
Altitude difference per hour descent:
Distance per hour:

Hiking Data
Altitude difference ascent:
Altitude difference descent:
Horizontal distance:
Rest per hour: min
Terrain factor:
Time for the hike: h min
Hiking speed:

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