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Several calculators for shape, size and perimeter of a field and for different units of measurement. Here, with field a piece of land or something similar is meant. Often fields are rectangular, but there are of course many other forms. Some of these forms, which can be placed side by side in a way that no gaps remain, can be calculated on the following pages. These forms are called tessellable.

Units of Measurement

Conversion of different scale units for an area. The size of an area is measured in square units. For pieces of land, a common unit in Europe is the are, which is 100 square meters. Derived from that is the hectare, which is 100 are or 10000 m².
Please enter one value, this will be converted into all the other values.

SI Units
Square centimeters, cm²:
Square decimeters, dm²:
Square meters, m²:
Square kilometers, km²:
SI allowed Units
Are, a:
Hectare, ha:
Imperial and US System of Measurement
Square inches, sq in:
Square feet, sq ft:
Square yards, sq yd:
Acres, ac:
Square miles, sq mi:

Tessellable Field Shapes

Quadratic, Square
quadratic, square

Other Fields


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