Calculate the Power of a Heat Pump

Calculator for the heat output of a heat pump from the coefficient of performance and the power used. This calculation is very simple. A heat pump requires power or energy to extract heat from the outside and to conduct it inwards. The thermal output achieved is a multiple of the output used. Heat pumps generally have a performance number or heating number of 4 to 5, the exact value can be found in the respective product description. This means that for every watt used, 4 to 5 watts of heat is fed into the heater. One kilowatt hour of energy therefore provides 4 to 5 kilowatt hours of heating energy. The third value is calculated from two values, the formula for the calculation is ε=Q/W. The figure of merit has no unit, the units of the other two values are identical, e.g. watts or kilowatts for power, joules or kilowatt hours for energy.

Figure of merit ε:
Power or energy used W:
Heat output or heating energy Q:

For the power needed at which room size, see the heating power.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units and convert temperature units.

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