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Roof Calculator

Calculates height, length and width of a gable roof from the angle of slope and the thickness of the roof. 45° is a standard value for the slope α, for the thickness of the roof r, 30 cm are assumed. The height h means height above base, not height above ground. Example: at a base width b of 500 cm, the height is 292.43 cm.



Please enter angle of slope, thickness of the roof and length, width or height. The other two values and the thickness of the ridge will be calculated. All length units are the same (e.g. cm or feet), the angle is in degrees. The dimensions are rounded to two decimal places. Length of one roof side is without eaves.

* Angle of slope (α):°
* Roof thickness (r):
Length of one roof side (a):
Base width (b):
Roof height (h):
Ridge thickness (s):

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