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Calculate and Compare the Price per Amount

Many products can be bought by amount, by number (pieces), weight (e.g. grams or pound) or volume (e.g. liters or pints). With this calculator, the prices of two products can be compared and extrapolated to a certain amount. Please enter at one or both products price and amount. The 100 for the extrapolated amount can be left or changed.

1. product: price: , amount:
2. product: price: , amount:

The 1. product costs per
The 2. product costs per

The price difference between 1. and 2. product is %.

Example: half a liter (500 ml) of a drink costs 3.50 €. One liter (1000 ml) costs 6.50 €. So for 100 milliliters, for the first drink you have to pay 70 cents, for the second drink you have to pay 65 cents. The price difference is -7.14 %, which means, product 2 is 7.14 percent cheaper than product 1.

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