Calculate Stone in Well

Stopwatch and calculator for the fall time and fall distance of a stone, from release to arrival, e.g. to determine the depth of a well (the distance to the water level). When you let go, tap start and when you hear the sound of the rock dropping, tap stop (same button).



Fall time: seconds
Fall distance: meters
End speed: km/h

The calculator can also be used without the stopwatch, simply enter one of the three values and press Calculate. The free fall without air resistance is calculated. For a round stone, this is a good approximation up to a fall duration of around 10 seconds, which corresponds to almost 500 meters, after which the air resistance becomes significant and the calculated values are too high.

Of course, before you drop stones from anywhere, you have to be careful where they will land, so don't hurt anyone and don't break anything!

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.