Calculate an Iteration

Calculator for iterations with one start value. An iteration is a repeated calculation with previously computed values. As iteration variable in the formula, z is used. Only this variable may occur in the iteration term. The basic arithmetic operations + - * / are allowed, as well as the power function pow(), like pow(2#z) for 2z. Further allowed functions are sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan(), log() for the natural logarithm and fac() for the factorial. Also, the constants e and pi can be used. Complex numbers can't be computed.
When all steps are shown, the sum Σ of the single iteration steps is also calculated.

z =

Start value z0= Number of iterations:

Round to decimal places.

Example: z = z² + c is the construction sequence for the Mandelbrot set. If you set c=-1.9, the formula to enter is z*z-1.9. This generates chaotic values in the interval ]-2;2[.