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Wheel - Calculate Covered Distance, Circumference, Diameter and Radius

Calculator for the number of revolutions of a wheel at a certain distance, or for the distance, for cars, bicycles and other vehicles. Often, front and rear wheel have different sizes, therefore two wheels can be calculated and compared here. Please enter for one wheel or both wheels distance or revolutions and radius, diameter or circumference. The other values will be calculated.

First WheelSecond Wheel
Round to    decimal places.

The units are cm for centimeters, m for meters, km for kilometers, ″ for inches, ′ for feet and mls for miles.
Distance is the covered distance. If the two wheels are front and rear wheel, both distances should be equal.
Revolutions specifies, how often the wheel turns around at the covered distance.
Radius of a wheel is the span between center and edge, diameter ist twice the radius, the span from edge to opposite edge.
Circumference is the distance a wheel covers at one revolution.

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