Photovoltaics - Calculate Power and Surface Area

Calculator for the power per area or area per power of a photovoltaic system and of solar modules. You can enter the size of the modules and click from top to bottom, or omit some steps and start e.g. with the surface area. At the bottom, it is calculated which size the photovoltaic system with the given values needs, to have a certain nominal power, or which nominal power it would have at a certain size.

Length of a module: cm
Width of a module: cm
Area of a module: cm²
Area of a module:
Nominal power of a module: Wp
Number of modules:
Surface area of the system: cm²
Surface area of the system:
Nominal power of the system: Wp
Nominal power of the system: kWp
Power per surface area: Wp/m²
Surface area per power: m²/kWp

For a nominal power of kWp, a system size of m² is needed.

A photovoltaic system with a size of m² would have a nominal power of kWp.

W stands for watts, kW for kilowatts. The p at Wp and kWp means 'peak'. Wp and kWp are the units for the nominal power. This is the power of the system at Standard Test Conditions. The surface area is given in square centimeters (cm²) and square meters (m²). Here you can convert area units. The total size ignores possible gaps between the modules.

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