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Size Comparison: Lengths

Compare lengths in different units and with certain sizes, as Earth radius and circumference. Often, lengths are compared with visual values, to have a better imagination of them. Here, the SI-units meters and kilometers, as well as the imperial and US units inch, foot, yard and mile, can be converted into different reference magnitudes. For these reference magnitudes, average values are used. Especially the thickness of the human hair has huge individual differences.
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Thickness human hair:
Height Pyramid of Khufu:
Height Mount Everest:
Earth radius:
Earth diameter:
Earth circumference:
Distance Earth-Moon:

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Example: a car with 100000 miles has driven 4 times around Earth.

The range between fractions of a millimeter and several kilometers is very familiar to humans and we are used to dealing with it. You can still see things with the naked eye up to a size of about a tenth of a millimeter, in extreme cases with good contrast and good eyesight sometimes even up to a hundredth of a millimeter. And with a good view you can see several dozen kilometers on Earth, and in extremely good conditions you can still visually perceive mountains at a distance of over 100 up to 300 kilometers. We lack experience for areas beyond these small and large things, even when we see stars many light years away, we do not notice this order of magnitude and can hardly imagine it. Very small things like quantum and very large things like the universe also behave differently than we know from our daily lives. Lengths below the Planck length are not meaningful. The upper limit is the size of the universe at the latest. This calculator only works with sizes that are easily accessible to us, at least as long as you do not enter very small or very large values ‚Äč‚Äčinto the input fields.

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