Photovoltaics - Costs and Yield

Calculator for the costs of power and energy from the total costs of the photovoltaic system and for the yield. The costs are extrapolated, so they are not exact values, but estimated. This is e.g. useful to compare it with other systems, with other methods of power generation and as rentability forecast.
Please enter cost and size (power) of the system. The price per (k-, M-, G-)Wp will be calculated and how much a system with a different size would cost in relation. For yield factor and run time, average values are preset, these values can be changed. If both values are entered, the costs for producing a certain amount of electricity (energy) will be calculated.
From system size, yield factor and run time, the total energy production and the yield will be calculated. If the total costs are entered, the expected total profit will be calculated.

Total costs:
Plant size:
Yield factor:
Expected run time: years

1 Wp1 Wh
1 kWp1 kWh
1 MWp1 MWh
1 GWp1 GWh

Produced electricity:
Price per kWh:
Total yield:

Taxes are ignored in this calculation. Electricity storage is also left out here. This calculator is only intended to provide an initial assessment of whether a photovoltaic system is worthwhile or not. The exact calculation should be carried out by specialists, and for larger systems ideally by independent experts.

Example: a photovoltaic system with 8 kWp costs 10000 € (or $). With the preset values for yield factor and expected run time, a kilowatt hour (kWh) is produced for about 4.6 cents. During its run time, 216 MWh of electric energy is produced. If for the kilowatt hour 11 cents are paid, the system earns 23760 € ($) and has a profit of 13760 € ($).

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