Calculate Felt Weight at Acceleration

Calculator for the weight or mass that is sensed when accelerating or braking. Acceleration or braking is measured in g-force, which is the unit of the gravitational acceleration. The calculation of this can be done with one of the previous calculators. In resting state on Earth, the force is one g, the own weight is felt. When accelerating with 2 g, or braking with -2 g, twice the own weight is felt additionally. The direction of the gravitational acceleration is down, that of the additional acceleration can be any. Both forces add according to their angle.

Gravitational acceleration:m/s²
Angle between both forces:°
Felt weight:N
Felt mass:kg

Round to decimal places.

The formula for the addition of two forces is F = √ F1² + F2² + 2 F1 F2 cos(α)

Example: a person with 70 kilograms, accelerating forward with 1.5 g, perpendicular (90 degrees) to the gravity, experiences a force of 1238 newtons, which feels like about 126 kilograms.

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