Add Forces

A simple calculator for adding forces that point in different directions. The directions can also be the same, in which case the angle is 0°. The unit for all the forces is equal, for example newtons. The force resulting from both forces is calculated, as well as the angle of the resulting force to the two original forces. The formula for adding two forces is F = √ F1² + F2² + 2 F1 F2 cos(α). The angle of the total force is calculated using the law of sine in a triangle.

First force F1:
Second force F2:
Angle between the forces α: °
Total force F:
Angle to first force: °
Angle to second force: °

Round to    decimal places.

Please enter the first three values, the other three will be calculated.

Example: a 10 kg weight has a weight force of 98.1 N. If you pull with 50 N to one side, i.e. at an angle of 90°, then a total force of 110.107 N acts on the weight and it is now hanging in an angle of about 27 degrees.

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.