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Calculate with any Precision

Here the four basic arithmetic operations as well as the power calculation for integer powers can be carried out with very high accuracy. A maximum of five digits after the decimal point (99999) is possible, fewer are recommended in order not to paralyze the browser. With → a number can be rounded to any precision.

Maximum number of decimal places:


Please enter the first two values in the according line and calculate the result by clicking on =. Allowed entries are numbers with a point or comma as the decimal separator. For the power, the second value must be an integer (positive or negative). The result can then be copied out of the output field.

Addition: + 
Subtraction: − 
Multiplication: * 
Division: : 
Power: ^ 

Example with 100 decimal places: 1 / 1117 = 0.0008952551477170993733213965980304386750223813786929274843330349149507609668755595344673231871083259

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