Calculate Distance, Time or Speed

When something moves at a constant speed, it travels a certain distance in a certain period of time. If two of the values are known, then the third can be calculated. This calculator uses units of kilometers per hour (km/h), meters per second (m/s) and miles per hour (mph) for speed, as well as meters (m), kilometers (km) and miles (mi) for the distance. The time is given in seconds (s). Please enter two values and select the units you need or enter speed or distance first and then stop the time.


Calculator for the distance traveled in a given time at a constant speed

Time: s

Example: the villain with the parachute jumps out of the crashing plane, which is flying at 400 km/h. The hero without a parachute follows 5 seconds later. The plane has now flown 556 meters, so it should be difficult for the hero to catch the villain in the air.

Physics commonly uses SI units. Here is a calculator to convert units.