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Physical Pressure Calculator

Calculate the pressure from force and area, with different units. In physics, pressure is when a force operates vertically on an area. Well known examples are air or water pressure.
The formula for pressure is p=F/A. Common units are pascal and bar, whereas one bar is one hundred thousand pascals. At one pascal, one newton presses on one square meter. One atmosphere is 1013.25 hectopascals (hPa) or millibars (mbar).

Force F:
Area A:
Pressure p:

Example: at one atmosphere, 101.325 kilonewtons lie on a square meter.

Pressure is a force acting vertically inwards from all directions. The corresponding verb to press is linguistically common and provides a good illustration of physical pressure. Overpressure occurs when the pressure inside an enclosed space is greater than outside. The space then wants to expand, but the boundaries of the space stop it. Example is a toy balloon. With negative pressure, on the other hand, the pressure outside is greater than inside, and the room wants to collapse. This happens, for example, if you drink from a soft drink container in such a way that no air can flow into it.
The unit physical atmosphere atm is outdated and not SI-compliant, but is still very common because it is so descriptive. 1 atm is the normal, i.e. average, air pressure at sea level. One atmosphere is a bit more than one bar of pressure. Millibars or hectopascals, which mean the same thing, are almost always common. The SI unit is the pascal.
Pressure was a factor that was already known in ancient times. In the 17th century, Blaise Pascal was a leading researcher in the field of air pressure, after whom the unit pascal was named. Air pressure can be measured with a barometer.

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