Calculate a Deadline

Calculator for the time span between a date and a deadline. The current date and time (CET) are preset and can be changed as required. The time span or the deadline can be entered. If the time span has a minus, the deadline is in the past, respectively before the date. Leap days are taken into account, as well as clock changes, when calculated with time of day. The weekdays are displayed for date and deadline.

Please enter two of the three rows, to get date, deadline or the time span between them.

Time span days,

The date is on a

The deadlie is on a


Examples of use:

• an auction ends in 10 days. Within these 10 days, there is a clock change from summer time to winter time - or vice versa. When exactly does the auction end?

• you have two weeks, this is 14 days time, to pay a bill.

• a company has to provide a product at a fixed delivery date. How long may the production take?

• how long is it until the next holiday / vacation?

The calculator uses the native settings for date and time. Incorrect date and time data will be corrected, e.g. 4/31 will become 5/1.

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