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Chemical Calculators

Here you can find several useful calculators concerning chemistry:

  • Atomic Masses converts amount and mass of elements.
  • Molecular Mass calculates the relative mass of a molecule from its chemical formula.
  • Atoms per Mass tells how many atoms are in a certain mass of an element.
  • Molar Mass convert molar mass, the amount of substance in mol and the mass, calculate the amount of particles.
  • Mixing Ratio calculates quantities and percentages of mixtures.
  • pH Dilution enables the calculation of pH values of diluted bases and acids.
  • Ideal Gas Law calculates pressure, volume, amount or temperature of a gas.
  • Concentration determines the concentration of a substance in a solvent.
  • Saline Solution finds out how much salt must be added to water to get a certain concentration.
  • Half-life is a calculator for the original and resulting amount of radioactive substances.
  • Heat Capacity tells how much energy is needed to warm up certain substances.
  • Vaporization is a calculator for the enthalpy of vaporization for liquid water.
  • Mix Temperatures gets the temperature of a mix of liquids with different temperatures.
  • SI Prefixes converts amounts with prefixes like micro and kilo.

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