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Note Calculator

A calculator for tone pitch, keys and intervals. The calculator produces equal scaled pure tones (sine waves) of one second length each and equal volume. But the human ear hears low tones much worse than high tones. So if you don't hear a low tone, first try a high one, before turning up your loudspeakers.

If you played a note, it will be marked by a red square and names and frequency of it will be displayed. If you choose a key (left column), the according notes will be marked blue on the upper keyboard, if you choose an interval (right column), they will be marked green. To form an interval, first play a tone to start it, then press an interval button. Play different notes on the upper and lower keyboard to show the ratio of their frequencies. Below this display, you can find the player which makes the sound. By right clicking there, you can save the tone which you just played.

File format of the tones: ogg mp3 off
(If ogg doesn't work, try mp3.)


Tone A Number: Note name English: Note name German: Frequency: hertz


Tone B Number: Note name English: Note name German: Frequency: hertz

Frequency ratio A/B: B/A:

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