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Departure Time Calculator

Calculator for estimating driving time. When do you have to leave to arrive at a certain time. If you specify the desired arrival time, the necessary departure time will be determined. Please enter the first three values, departure time and duration will be calculated. As with arrival time, speed is only a rough estimate.
The departure time may be one day earlier or even further in the past, this is shown as -x day(s). The calculated values are rounded to full minutes.

Start time: : o'clock
Distance: km or mi
Speed: km/h or mph
Pauses: h min
Arrival time: : o'clock
Duration: h min

Example: if the route is 530 kilometers, can be driven at an average of 100 km/h and a one-hour break is scheduled, then you should leave by 5:42 a.m. at the latest if you want to be there by midday.

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