Calculate the Number of Fields and Spaces Inside, Outside and Total

Calculator for two- and three-dimensional objects with integer length, width and height. If every dimension is longer as 2, then there are fields (2D) or spaces (3D) which lie inside, which have no outer borders and fields at the outside. Here the number of these fields and spaces can be calculated. It is a precondition that there are no empty fields or spaces, so that the separating lines are all within the object and don't go beyond. Please enter two or three positive integers.

Length a:
Width b:
Height c:

The formula for the total number of fields is a * b. For the inside fields, the formula is (a−2) * (b−2) for a, b > 2
The formula for the total number of spaces is a * b * c. For the inside spaces, the formula is (a−2) * (b−2) * (c−2) for a, b, c > 2

Fields inside and outside
Example: an area with the length 4 and the width 3 has 12 fields, 2 fields inside and 10 at the outside.

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