Calculate the Volume

Calculator for the volume from length, width and height. For every size, a specific unit can be determined. If one length unit is chosen, then for length, width and height the same unit is used. With matching units, additionally a matching volume unit is chosen, e.g. decimeter and liter.


Round to    decimal places.

Please enter three values, the fourth will be calculated. One cubic centimeter is one milliliter. The matching length unit to the hectoliter is 0.464158883361278 meters (third root of 0.1 m³) and is labeled here as hl-length.

The calculation of a cuboid-shaped space from length times width times height.

Example: a room with a length of 450 centimeters, a width of 3 meters and a height of 25 decimeters has a volume of 33750 liters.

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