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Fold a Rectangle

Calculate and draw the folding of a rectangle. Foldings can be done in length or width, the new dimensions with thickness, diagonal, perimeter and area will be calculated. The original rectangle and the rectangle resulting from the folding will be drawn at the same scale.

Acts of folding:


Image rectangle before:
Image rectangle after:


Please enter length and width of the original rectangle and the number of folding acts. The thickness doesn't have to be indicated. Fold length cuts the length in half for each act of folding, Fold width does the according thing for the width. Fold length and width contains the double amount of single foldings, so the area will be quartered respectively. The number of folding acts determines how often it will be folded. Here can also be a negative number, e.g. for -1 it will be doubled. At a square, length and width are equal.

The formulas are:

New dimension = old dimension / 2number of single folding acts

New thickness = old thickness * 2number of single folding acts

Diagonal = √ length² + width²

Perimeter = 2 * ( length + width )

Area = length * width

The units are equal units of length, e.g. centimeters. For the area, it is this unit squared, e.g. square centimeters.

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German: Rechteck falten, Geschenkpapier