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Draw and Calculate a Straight Line

Calculator for the inclination angle of a straight line from the linear equation. The linear equation has the shape y = mx + b. m is the gradient, b is the up or down shift. So b is irrelevant for the inclination angle. A line defined by a linear equation can't be vertical, but can have any other orientation. A horizontal line with m=0 has the inclination angle 0°. When m is negative, the line is inclined the other way round.

Line: y = x + b

Inclination angle: α = °

Round to    decimal places.

Please enter the gradient m or the angle α in degrees, the other value will be calculated and the line will be drawn. b can have any value and doesn't affect the calculation.

Formula: α = atan(m)

Example: the line 3x has an inclination angle of 71.565 °

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