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Calculates the power of a hydroelectric turbine from height and volumetric flow rate. The flow rate can be calculated from cross-section and flow velocity. The efficiency factor of run-of-river hydroelectricity plants is about 90 percent, whereas pumped-storage hydroelectricity plants have about 80 percent. The water density slightly changes with temperature. The usable height of fall is a bit lower than the actual height difference. The volumetric flow rate tells, how many cubic meters per second are powering the turbine. Please enter the height as well as either the volumetric flow rate, or cross-sectional area and flow velocity. The power will be calculated in the chosen unit.
The formula for the power calculation is P = η * ρ * g * h * Q. The volumetric flow rate can be calculated as Q = A * v.

Efficiency factor η:%
Water density ρ:kg/m³
Gravitational acceleration g:m/s²
Usable height of fall h:m

Volumetric flow rate Q:m³/s

Cross-sectional area A:
Flow velocity v:m/s

Power P:

Example: at a cross-sectional area of 30 square meters and a flow velocity of 2 meters per second, the volumetric flow rate is 60 cubic meters per second. If the usable height of fall is 2.5 meters and the efficiency factor has the given value, then the hydroelectric power plant has a power of a bit more than 1.3 megawatts.

Hydroelectric power plants are a sustainable form of energy production, hydropower is one of the renewable energies. They often get by with minor interventions in nature, especially the run-of-river power plants. The problem is that they are already on many rivers, so that there is often hardly any space left for the construction of new power plants.
Hydroelectric power plants, in the form of water wheels driving mills, have been known for more than 5,000 years, and were used by the ancient Chinese and Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Nothing has changed in the basic principle since then. Water flows downhill, releasing energy as it does so. Htis energy can be used. The water wheel or turbine is propelled, slowing the water somewhat. However, since it generally continues to go downhill after the power station, the water quickly regains its original speed.


Hydroelectric power plant
A hydroelectric power plant at the river Iller in Kempten, Bavaria (Germany).

Small hydroelectric power plant
A small hydroelectric power plant at a stream.

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