Heating Oil: Calculate Output and Energy from the Calorific Value

Calculator for power and energy of a heating system operated with fuel oil. Heating oil has a calorific value of almost 10 kilowatt hours per liter and a density of around 0.82 to 0.86 kilograms per liter. Your dealer should be able to tell you the exact values of your heating oil. You can specify the quantity in liters or kilograms, with liters being the more common form. From the calorific value and quantity, the energy can be calculated which is ideally extracted from the relevant quantity. If you specify a time in days (d), hours (h) and/or minutes (m) in which the specified amount is burned, then the average power of the heating is also calculated in kilowatts.

Calorific value: kWh/l
Density: kg/l
Time: d h m

Energy: kWh
Power: kW

Example: 2000 liters of heating oil have an energy of 19600 kilowatt hours. If you consume this in one year (365 days), you have an average heat output of 2237 watts.

The density only is important if the amount of heating oil is specified in kilograms.

Here you can convert metric units into customary and imperial units and convert temperature units.

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