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Data Set Calculator

Arithmetic operations over a data set of numbers. This data record can have a maximum of 10,000 characters. In the upper field, enter numbers separated by spaces or line breaks with which you want to carry out the same calculation and a value x with which the calculation is carried out. Then click on the corresponding button. Basic arithmetic operations, powers, logarithms and trigonometric functions can be calculated (entered as radians). For example, you can calculate the square root with a^x and x=0.5, because to the power of one and a half is the root. deg2rad converts an angle-degree value into radians. The arrow ↑ transfers the values from the lower field to the upper one. To round the numbers in a data set, determine the number of decimal places and calculate *1. The decimal separator can be a point or a comma, output is with a point.

If you have used a different separator (e.g. ;) in your data set, you can search and replace it here (replace with space).

It often happens that you want to do certain identical calculations with a lot of values. This can be done using this tool. For example, if you have the values in one unit of measurement such as meters and need them in another such as centimeters. Then you set x=100 and click on a*x. The new values on which the same arithmetic operation was carried out are output, and the number of values that were used for the calculation is also counted.

The number sieve offers a special way to calculate with values in a data set. Here numbers in a certain interval or multiples of numbers are sifted out and the others are left behind. The input field here can be filled with regular values beforehand.

German: Datensatzrechner | Zahlensieb

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