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Compare Values of Logarithmic Scales

Calculator for the comparison of two values, whose size is measured in a logarithmic scale. At a logarithmic scale, the intensity doesn't grow linear, but exponential, it multiplies with every increment. Often, a decadic logarithm is used, that is to the base 10. If a value is increased by 1 (e.g. from 1 to 2 or from 5 to 6), then the intensity tenfolds. A value of 0 doesn't mean that there is no intensity, but usually, this is very low then.
Please enter three values to calculate a fourth one. For the base can also be entered e for the natural logarithm.

First value (a):
Second value (b):
Base of the scale (s):
Ratio a to b (r):

Round to    decimal places.

The formulas are: r = sa-b, s = a-b r , a-b = logs(r)

Example: for a natural logarithmic scale (base e=2,718281828459045), the value 6 is a bit more than 20 times as strong as the value 3.

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