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Shows the current week number, calculates it for any day and calculates the date for any week number. The week number is defined in ISO 8601. One week has seven days, begins with Monday and ends with Sunday. The first week is the one with the first Thursday of the year. Of this week, at least 4 days, which is the majority of days, are in this year. One year has 52 or 53 weeks. If the year begins with a Thursday, for leap years Wednesday or Thursday, it has 53 weeks, otherwise 52. The first week can contain days of the previous year, the last week days of the following year. Beginning and end of a year can also be in the week of the previous respectively following year.
In the upper part, the week number for one day can be calculated. In the lower part, the week number can be entered and the date of the week from Monday to Sunday will be shown.

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