Multiply Efficiency Factors

Calculator for the multiplication of several efficiency factors. An efficiency factor tells, which part of the used energy does what it should. The rest is lost, often as waste heat. If several processes are involved in a certain procedure, then all the efficiency factors of these processes can be multiplied to get the total efficiency factor.
Efficiency factors commonly are shown in percentual values. To multiply them, the values are calculated to one, which means divided by 100. Then they are multiplied and calculated to 100 again. Efficiency factors often are denominated with the Greek letter eta, η. Please enter up to 10 efficiency factors, the total efficiency factor and the energy loss will be calculated.

η1: %η6: %
η2: %η7: %
η3: %η8: %
η4: %η9: %
η5: %η10: %

Total efficiency factor: %

Energy loss: %

Example: if the efficiency factor of a fuel cell is 60 percent, the same for power to gas, then the energy storage with hydrogen using those two methods has an efficiency factor of 36 percent. The energy loss then is 64 percent.

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