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Material Calculator - Specific Volume, Density, Volume, Mass

Convert specific volume and density or calculate from volume and mass. Density is mass per volume, the specific volume is its inverse, volume per mass. Enter specific volume or density to calculate the other value. Or enter two other values to calculate the remaining two values. Choose the units and press Calculate.

Specific volume:

Example: paper typically has a specific volume of about 1.6 cm³/g. This equates to a density of 0.625 g/cm³. So one kilogram of paper has a volume of 1.6 liters.

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German: Größe und Gewicht, Volumen und Gewicht, Rechteckige Platte, Verschieden dichte Stoffe mischen, Prozentuale Mischung, Gewicht (Masse) hochrechnen, Volumen hochrechnen, Verdrängung, Spezifisches Volumen