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Paper Size Calculator

Calculate paper sizes. A calculator for the German paper formats DIN A, B, C and D. These formats are internationally very common. Two sizes can be compared to each other, the output is in three different units. (here you can convert units of measurement). The ratios are rounded to three decimal digits. The ratio between width and height of a format is 1 to √2, rounded to whole millimeters. Two values of neighboring formats, like the widths of A5 and A4, have the same ratio.

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First size: DIN Second size: DIN
 Width: mm,   cm,   m  
Height: mm,   cm,   m  
  Area: mm², cm², m² 
 Width: mm,   cm,  
Height: mm,   cm,  
  Area: mm², cm²,


 Width: to
Height: to
  Area: to

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