Material Calculator - Calculate Displacement

Calculator for the displaced volume of a floating body (e.g. a ship) and how many percent of the body are above and below the surface. Please enter the density of the floating body or its mass and volume. The approximate density of water is given with 1000 kg/m³, here can be entered a different value for the density at a specific temperature or for a different medium. The density of the floating body must be lower than the density of the medium, otherwise, the body will sink completely.

Floating body
Density: kg/m³ = g/l
Mass: kg or g
Volume: m³ or l
Floating medium
Density: kg/m³ = g/l
Displaced mass: kg or g
Displaced volume: m³ or l
Flotation depth
Above the surface: %
Below the surface: %

This calculator is based on Archimedes' principle, which states that the upward buoyant force is equal to the weight of the medium that the body displaces. For a body B, floating in a medium M, applies: VB * ρB = VM * ρM
Below the surface is ρB / ρM * 100%

If the mass is in kilograms (kg), the unit for the volume is cubic meters (m³). If the mass is in grams (g), the unit for the volume is liters (l).

Example: seawater has a density of approximately ρM=1030 kg/m³. An iceberg with a density of ρB=918 kg/m³ is about 11% above the surface.

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