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Steps of Stairs: Calculate Amount and Height

A simple calculator for the height of stairs, the step height and the number of steps. When e.g. climbing a tower and counting the steps, from this number and from the step height, the height of the tower can be estimated.

Please enter two values, the third will be calculated. The step height is in centimeters, the stairs height is in meters.

Number of steps n:
Step height h: cm
Stairs height H: m


• A staircase with n = 120 steps, each h = 16 centimeters high, has a height of H = 19.2 meters.

• The world's longest stairway is a service stairway of a Swiss funicular railway. It has 11674 steps and a height of 1669 meters. So each step there has a height of 14.3 centimeters.

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