Flight Time Calculator

Calculates the duration of a flight from departure and arrival time and the time zones at start and landing locations. At flight schedules, departure and arrival time often are given in local time without the indication of time zones. Here, those times can be converted to the according time zones and the total time for the flight can be calculated. Departure and arrival time and both time zones have to be entered.

Departure time: :
Time zone start location:UTC :

Arrival time:

Time zone landing location:UTC :

The time for the flight is 0:00 hours.

For time zone 1, the departure is at 0:00, the landing is at 0:00.

For time zone 2, the departure is at 0:00, the landing is at 0:00.

Example: a flight in winter from Berlin (UTC+1) to New York (UTC-5) starts at 9:40 and lands at 12:30. The flight time then is 8 hours, 50 minutes. For New York time, departure is at 3:40, for Berlin time, arrival is at 18:30.

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