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Calculate Width-to-Height Ratio of Photos

Calculator for the change of the photo size, when changing the ratio. Photos from a camera often have a fixed ratio of width and height. Sometimes, the photos are needed in another ratio and have to be cropped. Here, the new image size can be calculated.
Please enter the old resolution and the width-to-height ratio. At old resolution, the higher value comes first. The new resolution will be calculated.

Old resolution: x
Width-to-height ratio: x
New resolution: x

Example: a photo with the dimensions 4592 x 3056 should fit into a frame of the size 24 x 18. So, before printing, it has to be cropped to 4075 x 3056.

German: Fotografische Belichtung berechnen, Exif-Daten auslesen, Bildformat, Bildverhältnis, Bilddiagonale

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