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Calculator for the Distance to the Equator and the Poles

Calculates how far a place on earth is away from the Equator, from the North Pole and from the South Pole. All you have to do is to enter the latitude of the location. The distance between the Equator and one of the poles is 10002 kilometers (6215 miles). Between these lie 90 degrees of latitude, the Equator is at 0 degrees, the North Pole is at 90 degrees, the South Pole is at -90 degrees.
So if you calculate the 10002 km times the degree of latitude and divide it by 90, then you would have the distance to the Equator if the earth were a perfect sphere. Since it is not, but slightly flattened at the poles, this calculation is only an approximation, but a pretty good one.

Distance to Equator:
Distance to North Pole:
Distance to South Pole:

Example: Berlin with a latitude of 52.52 is 5836.72 kilometers away from the Equator, 4165.28 kilometers from the North Pole and 15838.72 kilometers from the South Pole.

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