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Price Table Matrix Calculator

This calculator generates price tables for two or three multiple ordered articles, so that quickly the total price can be seen. An example of use for this is an inn, where a few products are often ordered. The incitement for this came from an Oktoberfest waitress, who uses such a matrix for beer and chicken. For three prices, the matrix can have a maximum size of 11*11*11 fields, for two prices it is 21*21. A reasonable size for the quantity often is 0-10. Print view only shows the table(s), a click on this takes you back. It is advisable to print and laminate the table. Before printing, make sure that the table fits on the paper. The table size can be manipulated by changing cell and font size. To work on the table further, just copy it to a word processor. The calculator can be used not only for prices, but also for weights and other quantities.

1 price 2 prices 3 prices

Price 1: Price 2:

Quantity 1: to
Quantity 2: to

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