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Calculate the Measurements of a Staircase

Calculator for the measurements, number of steps, step size, slope ratio and angle of slope of a straight staircase (or ladder). The angle is in degrees, the slope ratio is a number, all the other values are in cm. Here you can convert length units. Please enter one of these combinations* of values:

a) - height of the staircase or of one step
- depth of the staircase or of one step
- the number of steps
      b) - length, height or depth of the staircase
- number, height or depth of one step
- slope ratio

Length of the staircase L:
Height of the staircase H:
Depth of the staircase D:
Number of steps n:
Height of one step h:
Depth of one step d:
Slope ratio S: 1 :

Angle of slope α:


Step length:
d+2h, good between 60 and 65 cm
d+h, good between 45 and 47 cm
and 26 ≤ d ≤ 32, 14 ≤ h ≤ 20
d-h, ideal at 12 cm


L=√ H² + T²
S = 1 : T/H
α = arccos( (T² + L² - H²) / (2TL) )

Up to 20 °: perron
20 - 30 °: public staircase
30 - 40 °: indoor staircase
40 - 45 °: basement stairs
45 - 75 °: steep stairs
Above 75 °: ladder

* allowed combinations: (H, D, n), (h, d, n), (H, d, n), (h, D, n), (L, n, S), (L, h, S), (L, d, S), (H, n, S), (H, h, S), (H, d, S), (D, n, S), (D, h, S), (D, d, S)
Sketch of the calculated staircase:
Sketch staircase
At 50 or less steps and a slope ratio between 0.5 and 2, a sketch of the staircase will be drawn.

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