Calculate with Angles: Plus, Minus, Multiply, Divide

Calculator for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of angles and the conversion to values between 0 and 360° or 2π. Enter a calculation with angles, multiples, the operators +, -, *, / and brackets. Also pi can be used, for multiples of pi, don't forget the multiplication sign (e.g. 2*pi). Set if the angles are in decimal degrees or in radian and accordingly if the angular result should be in degrees or in radian or as multiples of pi. Total result is simply the result of the calculation, Angular result is converted to the according angle, e.g. for degrees, 361 becomes 1, for radian, 7 becomes 0.716815 (7-2*pi).

decimal degrees radian multiples of π

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Total result:

Angular result:

• 500 degrees converts to an angle of 140 degrees
• -1.5*pi as radian converts to 1.570796 or 0.5 π
• 17*33.4-128.3 is 439.5, in degrees this is 79.5