Calculate Water Consumption based on Time and Number of People

Calculator for the water consumption displayed by the water meter. Consumption per person, consumption per period and difference can be calculated individually.

The meter reading on the water meter generally shows cubic meters (m³) in countries that use the metric system. 1 cubic meter is 1000 liters (l). The meter is usually read once a year. An average water consumption per person in a year is about 45 cubic meters, with strong fluctuations. Most of the water is used for bathing, showering and the toilet.

Consumption per Time

Calculate how much water is used extrapolated in a certain time, if you know the average consumption in a different period of time. The results are given in cubic meters and in liters, both values are the same. The year is calculated with 365 days.

Consumption per year:m³ = l
Consumption per week:m³ = l
Consumption per day:m³ = l
Consumption in days:m³ = l

Please enter one value, all others will be calculated. The fourth line can contain any value instead of 100, change it first, then fill in another field.


Consumption per Person

Here you can use the total consumption to calculate how much water is consumed on average per person. Of course, it cannot be determined here whether each person actually consumes the same amount or whether one person consumes more or one less.

Total consumption:
Number of persons:
Consumption per person:

Please enter two values, the third will be calculated. Water consumption can be in cubic meters or in liters or anything else.

Difference Consumption in a Period (in a Year)

Calculate how much water was used in the given period (usually one year). This is simply the difference between the current status and the previous status.

Meter reading at the beginning :
Meter reading now:
Consumption since:

Please enter two values, the third will be calculated.

Cost of tap water

Extrapolate the price of the water used from the costs for one unit.

Water consumption:
Price per unit:

Example: with 57 cubic meters of service water used and a price of €4.50 per m³, costs amount to €256.50.

Here you can convert metric volume units into customary and imperial units.

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